Is the Olympic Games just playing with words or are they finally ready to find a new way to go about hosting?

Working in sport as I do, we’ve spent a lot of time in the past months pondering the question of the future of sport. More immediately, when will all of the canceled competitions, tournaments, leagues, mass participation events et al. be back in our stadiums and on our screens, providing the entertainment, the distraction, the relief that engagement in live sport can be for many? …

There is a lot to gain by nurturing women and girls in their sporting endeavors, and some key stakeholders are taking up the fight.

Following my best Jarryd Roughead impersonation on a netball court on a cold, rainy Sunday in Paris last November, I found myself with a ruptured Achilles, a cast and crutches from the ensuing surgery, and a seemingly endless stretch of nothingness while I let this infuriatingly slow-to-repair tendon mend. I have played netball for more than 20 years, and been injured to varying degrees of seriousness, but this was my first ever trip to the operating room.

In the days that followed, more than one friend joked that I would not have found myself in that situation if I had…

Georgie Young

Sports fan. Coffee drinker. parkrunner. On a purpose-driven mission in Paris and beyond.

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